Our Services

For now, Some features are still being developed. please see white paper and Roadmap for updates on developement processes of features that are currently being developed. if you need more information about our products and services, do not hesitate to contact us via email or telegram.

Crypto Exchange

Our FULL exchange when launched would support as many cryptocurrencies as possible. Also Users can trade tokens and make withdrawals at the mini exchange.

COMNO Block Explorer

Block explorer would feature API and Other services to assist other 3rd party projects and developers. In their projects.

Investment Platform

Every Investor on the COMNO network helps To secure the Comno Blockchain by Staking COMNO tokens. This would be Converted To Mining power and would return a daily profit to investors.

How The Exchange Works

With just four Easy steps you are now Good to go.

Create COMNO account

After Creating a COMNO Account, pass KYC verification and create your BTC,LTC,CMO wallet addresses.

Make a Deposit

Once you make a deposit you are now ready to purchase tokens and perform exchanges

Purchase CMO Tokens

After Making a Deposit, you would be eligible To purchase COMNO tokens and perform swaps and make withdrawals

HODL or Swap Cryptos,

After Aquirement of CMO tokens, the exchange can then be used to swap other crypto pairs and withdraw cryptocurrencies.

Meet The Team

We are a Group Of Experts with a vast knowledge of experience in the crypto space, The COMNO initiative is the First of its kind launched by The COMNO Team.

Francesco Antonio


Founder/CEO (Francesco Antonio) Mr. Antonio has over 28 years of experience in financial services, research, and investment management. He has served as an advisor on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for several private funds across the Country.

Abdul Waahid el shaker


Co-Founder/COO (Abdul Waahid el shaker). Mr Abdul Waahid El Shaker has vast experience in project development , Real Estate Business, and project Innovative Idea developer he oversees the project management team and role implementations.

Tiago Moritz

Tech Manager

He has spent much of his professional life introducing and establishing mature financial trading technologies to the cryptocurrency markets.

Gabriella Gaelle

Head Of Marketing

Former Consultant with vast Experience in Business Development, Process & Change Management for the Digitization of United States hidden manufacturing champions.

Andrea Ivan

Graphic Designer

Andrea Ivan holds a BA in Graphic Designing and an MA in Creative Drawing. He brings to the team an impressive amount of technical know how from his experience from Big companies.

Yusuff Al hussain Abdulla

Chief Finance Officer

Yussuf abdullah studied Accounting at the British University of Dubai, He holds an ACI Diploma and a UBS Wealth Management Technical Skills Certificate.

Florian Fabian

Software Developer

With over 9 years of experience in IT and specializing in front-end development Florian Fabian is truly passionate about coding. I am an undergraduate of University of st.gallen. One of his main focus is ensuring that the user experience on Comno is of the highest level providing optimal interaction.

Jason Teuscher


Machine Learning PhD student with a creative mindset and a passion for optimization and AI. He has more than 10 years of experience in software engineering with focus on enhanced security, reliability and scalability.